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We at Skvare always look forward to CiviCON as a chance to connect with the community, learn some new things, and share what we're working on. We have four presentations this week - two advanced topics and two community discussions. Hope you'll join us at a few of these sessions!

Skvare is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of CiviCon Colorado 2016 and an Empowering Sponsor and Founding Contributor Sponsor for CiviCRM.

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CiviCon 2016 Presentations

Thursday at 9 am, room 322

CiviCRM Everywhere: Leveraging a full coverage API for seamless CMS Integration

Using the new API and native presentation tools to use CiviCRM data in any application

civicrm_everywhere_mazebymichaelcoghlanWe all know the power and utility that CiviCRM can bring to any organization, but are also painfully aware of its rough spots. By providing a full coverage API that is the single source of access to the data store, CiviCRM can be unleashed to be directly connected to native CRM tools, and be accessed by non-CRM tools alike. Instead of relying on the UI capabilities of Civi alone, the power to access, create, and manage CiviCRM data can be delegated to best in class tools across any platform, or distilled easily into any data format.

This session will examine:

  • Holes in APIv3 that would need to be fixed or may be improved in APIv4
  • Existing approaches in Drupal, Joomla, and Wordpress for managing data
  • Options for extending data access to shell scripts, other application environments, and varying data formats

Speaker: Jeremy Proffitt
Theme: Community Discussion
Session type: Presentation
Session Length: 90 Minutes
CMS: Not CMS-specific


Thursday 9 am, room 308-310

CiviCRM as a Crowdfunding and Team Fundraising Platform

Learn about CiviCRM's crowdfunding functionality and a successful case study of a project we built using the best of both CiviCRM and Drupal capabilities.

crowdfundingplatformIn this session we will highlight CiviCRM's Personal Campaign Pages (PCP) functionality and show how it can be leveraged to create fully featured crowdfunding and team fundraising websites.

I will do so in the context of a case study of one of Skvare's most successful projects, the University of Minnesota Foundation's Crowdfunding platform.

I will discuss the:

  • Use case for the project
  • CiviCRM's out of the box crowdfunding capabilities
  • A CiviCRM extension that enhances these capabilities by providing team fundraising
  • How we extended CiviCRM
  • Drupal specific tools and techniques used to create the powerful, user friendly interfaces and extended features
  • The spectacular results

Speaker: Mark Hanna
Theme: Product / Advanced
Session type: Presentation
Session Length: 90 Minutes
CMS: Drupal

Presentation Slides




Friday at 9 am, room 322

CiviCRM Entity - Superior Drupal Integration

Make the most out of your CiviCRM integration with Drupal.


CiviCRM Entity is a Drupal module which now exposes nearly 30 CiviCRM entities as true Drupal entities. That means that almost any module that uses the Entity API, can access and manipulate CiviCRM data, Drupal style. This includes many commonly used modules such as Views, Rules, Entity Reference, Entityqueue, Search API, Facet API, Display Suite and many more.

she_chameleon_by_marioCiviCRM Entity is a powerful tool, and opens up a wide range of possibilities for site builders, developers, implementers, and the end user. If you integrate CiviCRM with Drupal, this module is a must have. While the Core team focuses on new features inside the CiviCRM admin "bubble", CiviCRM Entity opens up all the data to Drupal standard interfaces, techniques, and modules that all Drupal developers, site builders, and themers love.

In this session I will detail the possibilities for each type of user, discussing the current feature set with all its potential. We will look at use cases that led to our adoption of CiviCRM Entity and changed our entire strategy and the way we think about CiviCRM.

As of this year Skvare is now the development lead for the project, and I will share our vision for the future. In this future there is no line between what is Drupal and what is CiviCRM. The two will become one. This is true integration, and it runs deep. Change what you think is possible.

Speaker: Mark Hanna
Theme: Community Discussion
Session type: Presentation
Session Length: 90 Minutes
CMS: Drupal


Friday, 2:30pm, room 308-310

Using Contribution.transact to Take Control of Online Payments

Using the Contribution.transact() API action to create custom payment handling scenarios

money_by_thethreesistersCiviCRM's payment processing capability is great, but what happens when you want to do something really out of the ordinary? When a client needed a solution to separate donations from event fees, we looked at how we could create a separate transaction without additional information from the user. Once under the hood, a whole range of possibilities for managing the payment process were now at our fingertips. We'll talk about how you can use other CiviCRM entities and a simple extension to provide endless possibilities for managing payment transactions.

Theme: Product / Advanced
Session type: Presentation
Session Length: 60 Minutes
CMS: Not CMS-specific


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