Non-existent URLs in Views 2

Views 2 serves pages with for non-existent URLs instead of presenting a 404 Not Found Error.

A view with page display path set to blog creates a valid link at This will show a list of blog posts, with an individual article at However, an accidental link to will provide content from instead of the expected 404 Not Found Error, since no valid content exists there. This is a usability as well as SEO issue.

Override existing path with Path Redirect

When rearranging content sections that result in changed URLs, it is very important to remember that users may have bookmarked individual pages and the Google index will be pointing searches to a now defunct address.

Several solutions exist, including mod-rewrite instructions in the .htaccess file. This is particularly handy for complex changes or a large number of addresses that need to be changed with a specific pattern.

Gushing over Drush

One of the best Drupal modules yet - Drush. Actually it's not a traditional module - it's a command line toolset. In other words, if you enjoyed UNIX, DOS, or BASIC (working without GUI), this is for you. If you have no idea what the above means, stop now.


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