Our Contributions

We have been open-source software champions since day one

Skvare's developers invest hundreds of non-billable hours annually in software contributions and generalizing the custom development we undertake for our clients in order to release those improvements to the public. Through this work, we raise the bar and encourage others to expect more from their software.

Style Library Entity

A module to allow site builders to add CSS and javascript files to be applied as Drupal libraries. CSS and javascript can optionally be loaded globally, for every page, no matter the theme.

Domain Login Restrict

This module provides the functionality to restrict the user login based on the domain assigned to the user. It also provides domain-wise settings for Roles control login if their domain-specific role is required.

Email Verification

Verify User Email before creating an Account on Drupal. This is to avoid a Spam Account created using a non-existing email address. This Module makes sure that the email address used in account creation has a valid inbox.

CiviCRM Field Options

This module Provides CiviCRM Option Group options in Drupal Node. In case you want to user CiviCRM Fields option to be used in Drupal node, so instead of creating the same option manually, use the same field option through this module.

Commerce CiviCRM Event Registration

Commerce CiviCRM Event Registration provides an example of integration between Drupal Commerce and CiviCRM Events. Intended to be an example and demonstration of integration possibilities between the two ecosystems.

CiviCRM Drush

Provide Drush 9 and 10 support for CiviCRM drush actions, for Drupal 8 and Drupal 9.

Organic Groups Taxonomy Access Control Permissions

Organic Groups Taxonomy Access Control Permission (og_tac_perms) provides granular per group taxonomy access control permissions for access to group content.

Tin Can API Package Player

This module provides a "TinCan package" entity type. Tin Can API compatible packages such as those produced by Articulate Storyline, Articulate Studio, and Adobe Captivate can be played in the Tin Can Package entity view.

Tin Can Learning Record Store

A Drupal native Tin Can API LRS (Learning Record Store).

Views in CiviCRM Contact Page

The Views in CiviCRM Contact Page module enables creation of customizable contact summary panes and tabs with integrated Views displays. Add some versatility to your contact pages today and see what you can come up with.

CiviCRM Entity

CiviCRM Entity is a Drupal module which exposes many CiviCRM API entities as true Drupal entity types. That means that almost any module that can use Drupal entities can also access and manipulate CiviCRM data, Drupal style.

Views CiviCRM Expose Tables

Out of the box CiviCRM provides Views exposure to about 8 CiviCRM data entities. With this module you can access any of the CiviCRM tables in Views.


This module integrates the javascript library Skrollr with any Drupal theme. It also gives the option to integrate skrollr-stylesheetsskrollr-menu, and skrollr-ie.

Views Expose Tables

This is a simple module which does one thing: provides an admin page for site-builders to choose which tables in a site's Drupal DB to expose to Views.