Our Contributions

We have been open-source software champions since day one

Skvare's developers invest hundreds of non-billable hours annually in software contributions and generalizing the custom development we undertake for our clients in order to release those improvements to the public. Through this work, we raise the bar and encourage others to expect more from their software.

Job Status Checker

Extension to alert Admin about a failed scheduled job in the last 24 hours. Analyze Scheduled Job and alert admin on failure detection.

Geocoding Stats Report for Address

This extension records each geocoding request and provides reports. The report shows the number of requests made at the different contact addresses on a specific date.

Reports for Account Sync

This extension provides reports for account sync on the contact and invoice table.

Membership Extra Feature for online pages

This extension gives multiple options to control membership renewal. For fixed membership types, you can set restrict Renewal until the rollover date is over. For rolling Membership type you can set day and unit to restrict membership renewal before the end date.

Advanced Scheduled Job configuration

This Extension provides advanced Job scheduling functionality.

Mosaico and Mailing Configuration changes

This Extension is useful when your site has a mosaico extension installed and you have either migrated your site to a new domain name (or synced production database to development or staging environment) or the extension directory path is changed.

Image Resize

This extension adds image resize capability to CiviCRM for Contact and Custom Field images. The extension handles resizing of all types of images and will put the images into the cache directory.

CiviCRM CMS User

The CiviCRM CMS User Extension works with webforms to create new Drupal users based on tags or groups or to create Drupal users after a bulk import of CiviCRM contacts or when creating new contacts in CiviCRM.

Event Registration Button Label

A CiviCRM extension that allows CiviCRM administrators to edit button labels on event registration pages and more.