Content Creator / Social Media Maven


Write original content for Skvare and our clients, promote blog posts and events on social media, participate in specific online communities, build email lists and distribute newsletters.


  • Work-from-home (work-from-anywhere) environment
  • Geographically independent
  • Mostly flexible hours
  • Talented and intellectually stimulating team
  • Learn something new every day
  • Help organizations that are making difference
  • Generous PTO (paid time off) plan for sick leave, family leave and vacation
  • Medical support plan including unlimited no cost telehealth, patient advocacy and discount programs
  • Technology budget for in-home office
  • Company sponsored ongoing learning and skill development opportunities


  • Right attitude first, skill development is always ongoing
  • Are respectful, responsive, communicative
  • Team player, in it for the long run
  • Self-motivated problem solver
  • Willing to learn, research, document, then provide and implement answers
  • Able to deliver value, identify problems and weak areas that need your help
  • Have excellent attention to detail
  • Have sense of humor
  • Have knowledge (and/or strong willingness to learn) about Drupal, CiviCRM and the not-for-profit community
  • Always well-organized team-player who thrives when juggling multiple projects and aggressive deadlines
  • Able to follow directions, but independently move forward on a project when required.


  • We are techie geeks at heart. Some would call us very square, though with some quirks. Square and uneven.
  • We are a small, well-managed team of Drupal and CiviCRM experts that specialize in building online presence for non-profits, membership organizations, professional associations, and educational institutions.
  • Significant part of our service offering is initial development as well as long-term maintenance and support of client sites. Along with implementation, configuration, and customization services, we also provide hosting, maintenance, business analysis and technology architecture to the organizations we serve.


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Our service offering includes developing, hosting, managing, and maintaining our clients' web sites. We've become quite well-known in the community for our ability to configure, tweak, and support web server configurations that range from frequently visited sites to multi-site installations. We are respected as a leader in the industry and we are experiencing fast-paced growth.


  • Apply!
  • Demonstrate prior results that make you the right candidate.
  • Describe your approach to optimizing a web server environment.
  • Why are you the best fit for our team?
  • What makes you a self-sufficient learner?