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Unique Pathways is a private organization that provides quality services to families whose child is living with developmental, behavioral, social or emotional limitations. Over the years, the organization has evolved and changed into something completely different from its inception. With a new direction underway, they knew it was time to update their website to reflect the changes in their growing business. Along with a new website design that was mobile responsive and easy to update, they wanted an employee portal that would house all of their employee’s information such as their basic contact info, job title, and pay rate. The portal also includes the ability to store info about employee’s certification, CEU credits, training history, and manage their timesheets all within their new Drupal 8 website.

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For twenty-five years, Educational First Steps (EFS) has been transforming daycare centers in low-income neighborhoods into nationally accredited early learning centers. Their goal is to set at-risk children on a path to success by improving the quality of early childhood education through mentoring, training, and monitoring early learning centers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

A powerful tool in this effort is a custom-built website, called the Mentoring Academy and Assessment Profile (MAAP),  that enables EFS staff to efficiently collect and display data, identify areas of need, and track results of their work. EFS Executive Director John Breitfeller acknowledges Skvare for the increase in funding because the MAAP system allows him to show funders the results of their work supported by real data. Read More

"MAAP has been very beneficial on our end by streamlining a process for our field staff to use to bring centers to quality. It speeds up the time it takes for the early learning centers to get to accreditation, reducing the time frame by about 20 months when compared to before we had the system."

Samantha Moya, Senior Director of Early Learning Programs