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Salvation Army Echelon, the official young adult auxiliary of The Salvation Army, is the product of an idea that began in Dallas, Texas in 2010. Echelon is the next generation of community action for the Salvation Army. Men and women age 21 to 35 engage in networking, fundraising and community service in chapters across the U.S.

After the network of chapters expanded from one club in Dallas to several clubs across the nation, Salvation Army Echelon wanted a solution to house the chapters under one umbrella while allowing each club to customize their own site. They chose Skvare based on their expertise in CiviCRM and the added benefit of having all web-related services - web development, hosting and maintenance - provided by one company.

The new website automates many administrative tasks, leaving Salvation Army Echelon members free to do important community work.  Read More

"It’s enabled us to gather attendees and volunteers for our meetings and service events. The biggest benefit so far is probably the ability to allow people to register through the website for our paid events. Before this, we were using individual event pages and each chapter was using a different third-party provider."

Angie Harmon, Chair of PR & Communications of the Echelon Peoria Advisory Board

Customer Database (CRM), Custom Features, Web Hosting, Maintenance & Support


Texas Pediatric Society (TPS) is a state-wide non-profit association of over 3,500 medical professionals.

Skvare was contacted shortly after the TPS web server was compromised and had to be restored, resulting in data degradation. Upon migration to the Skvare web hosting server both Drupal and CiviCRM platforms perform as expected with expedient page load times. The constituent database has been cleaned and reconfigured to properly suit the needs of its users. Additional updates and improvements are still under way.  Read More