How We Work

Small and Responsive

Skvare is not a large, end-to-end, one-stop-shop agency that pays for corner offices or elaborate corporate retreats. No fancy dinners on expense accounts.

Good, Fast, Cheap - Pick Any Two

Any project can be done good, fast, or cheap. Pick any two, but know that we don’t compromise on the quality aspect.


The sole focus of the Skvare practice is on Drupal and CiviCRM implementations for non-profits, civic-minded organizations, and small businesses. We utilize the Agile development methodology for rapid deployment of successful web sites. We strive for clear and open communication - if something won't work, or take a long time to develop - we'll tell you so.


Each project is unique, and we ask many questions before we get started. Projects are assigned priorities, relatively short deliverable phases, and timelines. We prefer for you to see the work in progress so that any adjustments can be made as we go along.

Best Practices, New Ideas

You are good at what you do and we are here to make your job easier. But sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. We will always bring fresh ideas to the table and suggest more efficient ways of doing things. Chances are, we have dealt with a similar problem in the past. If not - we will take on the challenge!


The cost largely depends on the scope of the project and the level of your preparedness. Much depends on what materials, resources, and budget you have available. Most of our projects are in the $5k - $25k range.

Size Doesn't Matter

If you have a “small” project, contact us. We’ll take a look and provide some insight - free of charge. Maybe there is someone within your organization that can take some direction and run with a simple project. We encourage people to challenge themselves and learn something new, so we’ll be glad to help.