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Accessibility Best Practices

We teamed up with Techsoup and the NetSquared North Texas Meetup Group to present 10 Common Accessibility Issues.

We explained what accessibility is related to your online presence and how to identify potential issues. We also reviewed the most common accessibility issues. You may not be able to address all the issues on every part of your website at once but addressing the most critical web accessibility issues can go a long way. We shared ideas on how to prioritize these repairs so organizations can create plan for ongoing monitoring and maintenance.

Download the presentation slides >>

Additional Resources to Get Started

Drupal Resources:

  • Accessibility toolkit (D7 only)
    • Dyslexic font support
    • High contrast mode
    • Inverted Colors mode
    • Text scaling
  • Style Switcher (D7 and D8)
    • Text contrast is part of compliance. This module allows users to select different color schemes. This is cool because we can give the option without effecting the design
  • Block ARIA Landmark Roles (D7 and D8)
    • Adds aria tags for screen reader navigation
  • Text Resize (D7 and D8)
    • Allows the user to change text size
  • Automatic Alternative Text (D8 only)
    • Alternative text is not only good screen readers but also Image SEO. No thinking required. The image is scanned and text is recommended
  • Accessibility can run custom tests to make sure your content is compliant. It is not stable and not recommended at this time, BUT it will be good to use when it works
  • CKEditor Accessibility Checker
    • Allows you to check content before you publish the page

Wordpress Resources:

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