We are techie geeks at heart. Some would call us very square, though with some quirks. Square and uneven.

Skvare (pronounced "square") is a team of Drupal and CiviCRM experts that specialize in building online presence and community management tools for non-profit organizations, professional societies, and membership-driven associations. The entire Skvare team is located in the USA (most of the time).

Peter PetrikSkvare has grown out of the consulting practice of its founder, Peter Petrik. Through years of consulting in the technology field, Peter is known in the Drupal community as the CiviCRM expert. He has been an invited speaker at numerous Drupal conferences, most recently in Dallas (Dallas Drupal Days) Houston (Southwest Drupal Summit), San Diego (SandCamp), Austin (DrupalCamp Austin), and others. Peter also leads the Dallas / Fort Worth CiviCRM Meetup group of local developers and users of CiviCRM.