What We Do

Your web site is no longer just a copy of your tri-fold brochure. It is an online presence that may source your leads, encourage donations, provide event registration, or be a community platform. You may even (want to) manage your contact database online. We are best at creating web systems our customers and their customers can use.

Site Building

Defining the user experience layout, storyboarding the content, outlining the various interaction processes. A critical phase of your new site that takes input from stakeholders and users.

Customer Database (CiviCRM)

There are many data points of interaction with your constituents, and more often than not, they are scattered throughout a multitude of online services. Event invitations, mailing lists, discussion forums, blog posts, comments and feedback. We can bring it all into one concise database so that you can tell who is an active participant within your organization, who reads their email and signs up for a membership or particular service, or who has become a virtual volunteer expert by engaging others within the community.

Custom Features

The open-source tools of our choice come with a great deal of functionality straight out-of-the-box. At times you want to see a specific report, have a particular process implemented and followed, or restrict certain functionality. Building upon the foundations of Drupal and CiviCRM we can extend the features to match your requirements.

Visual Design

Function over style? It will get the job done, but your users' experience will suffer. Combining pleasing design with function-driven usability makes visiting your web site a pleasant experience and compells users to come back often.

Web Hosting

Skvare provides a fully-managed hosting solution on dedicated servers, optimized for best performance of your site. This service is exclusively available to our clients. You will be in great company.

Tests at Amazon.com revealed that for every 0.1 second (100 ms) longer load times, sales decreased by 1%. You have spent the time and resources to develop a first-class online presence, now make sure it is not sharing a cheap web host server with 1,000's of questionable sites.

Training & Documentation

Aligned with the spirit of open-source software such as Drupal and CiviCRM, our goal is for you to have the option of being self-sufficient in maintaining your web site and CRM installation. You may choose to get help, but we believe you shouldn’t be locked into any specific service provider.

We view documentation as a vital part of our work. This includes written documentation, wiki entries, screencasts (videos demonstrating the task), or hands-on phone-based training utilizing screen sharing tools.

Maintenance & Support

Launching a web site is the start of your online presence process. Sometimes it's technical maintenance, such as updating for better performance or security updates. Other times content needs to be updated, data imported from external sources, an email or social media campaign launched. We are here to help.