Ahmet Dereli Joins Skvare as a DevOps engineer

Finding unsolved problems and resolving complex issues may sound like the plot of the next big-budget Hollywood thriller, but for Ahmet Dereli, it’s all in a day’s work. Dereli isn’t a movie star, but he does describe his role as a DevOps engineer at Skvare as unique and exciting.

Photo of Ahmet Dereli Devops Engineer at Skvare"The best part of my job is the satisfaction of resolving complex issues and achieving problem-solving success. It is also fulfilling to work in a field that few people understand,” he said.

Originally from the fabled Turkish capital of Istanbul, Dereli and his wife moved to the Mediterranean seaport of Antalya before he recently joined the team at Skvare. He brings with him a decade of learning and experience building and maintaining complex digital infrastructures needed to run software and global websites.

“I started working in DevOps at a young age and developed my skills by working on large projects,” he said. “I have gained a good deal of knowledge through hands-on experience, learning as I went.”

Dereli joined Skvare after he was recruited by another employee who he worked with at a previous job. Like Skvare, it was a fully distributed workforce that served international clients. Working across borders with a multitude of clients is something Dereli said he enjoys because each system brings new and unique challenges along with constant opportunities to learn.

“I am having to learn from each new issue, and when another customer faces the same problem, I already know how to solve it,” he said.

Of course, working internationally means sometimes facing more than just what’s going on next door. Since joining Skvare, Dereli has seen earthquakes and an influx of about 3 million refugees from the war in Ukraine. Despite this, Dereli still makes time for exploring.

“My wife and I enjoy camping and barbecuing, and we also love to travel. We often pick places randomly and explore the world,” he said. “So far, we have visited various countries in Eastern and Northern Europe, the Middle East, and a few countries in the UAE, as well as Thailand.”

Skvare is a team of Drupal and CiviCRM experts specializing in building online tools for non-profit organizations, professional societies, and membership-driven organizations. Learn more at https://skvare.com.

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