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CiviCRM Meetup: Fun with Maps and Calendars

Skvare recently organized another Dallas / Fort Worth CiviCRM Meetup last Thursday, April 12, 2014. We invited Allen Shaw from ephanos to lead the Meetup. Allen discussed some useful features for CiviCRM’s built-in mapping  and tools.

 Allen first discussed Drupal’s calendar module, and the possible integrations that can be added to it. He included a demo in which added features such as events and activities to his calendar. Then, Allen presented a demonstration on overlay features for maps. Drupal Maps comes with out-of-the-box features like Google integration and open layers. He showed us how to incorporate some useful overlays—specifically the congressional district overlay module.

As usual, we hung around after the meeting, discussing our current projects and other Civi-related topics. We’d like to thank Allen for leading this week’s discussion, and providing a link to his presentation on our Meetup pageCiviCon 2014 is next week, and Peter and Mark will be presenting. They’ll also be competing in the Lake Tahoe Sprint shortly after, and we’ll recap the new features in CiviCRM 4.5 and beyond.

RSVP for the next Meetup here:

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