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CiviCRM Sprint 2014

Skvare’s Peter and Hanna will be participating in the CiviCon Lake Tahoe Sprint 2014.The week-long sprint will take place in the Sierra Nevada  from April 27, 2014 to May 4, 2014. As with any other sprint, the aim of Lake Tahoe Sprint 2014 is to gather a community of CiviCRM users, regardless of experience, to accomplish two things:

  1. Improve CiviCRM in some shape or form.

  2. Improve one’s own CiviCRM skills.

While Peter and Mark will work as one team, the entire sprint is a community-driven effort. All topics will be suggested by the participants. Once they’ve reached a consensus, they’ll split into teams to address the selected topics or issues. This could be anything from squashing bugs, creating documentation for upcoming features, and designing new features for CiviCRM. Whatever we decide to work on, we hope to use it for our own efforts, making things hopefully smoother for developers in the community.

In other news, Skvare is sponsoring CiviCon 2014, which Peter and Mark will present at. We’ll also host a Meetup to recap about what CiviCRM 4.5 and beyond has in store for us, probably discussing the Sprint as well. Hopefully we’ll see you at at least one of these events.

RSVP for our Recap Meetup Here:

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