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Force Flash version to load in Chrome 57

By now everyone is sick of seeing flash and wishes it would die forever. Google Chrome is big proponent of getting rid flash and continues to make things more difficult for flash users. However there comes a time when we must use it. For example, Skvare’s Learning Management System displays Tin Can packages that have both a HTML5 version and a Flash version. I want to ensure both work with no issues in Chrome. You used to be able to go type chrome://plugins in your address bar and toggle Flash on/off. However Chrome got rid of this feature in version 57+. But don’t worry, you can still force Chrome to load either the flash version or the HTML5 version.

Go to Settings in Chrome.

In the top search bar, type Flash.

Click on Content Settings. (You will see yellow label that says “Flash” appear underneath it.)


Now click on the Flash setting.

Make sure the very first setting option says Allow sites to run flash. If it's off, it will say “Block sites from running flash” instead.

Click the Add button next to the Allow section and add your website’s domain. This will allow the Flash version to load instead of the HTML5 version.

Now let’s say you want to toggle back and forth between the Flash version and the HTML5 version. You can simply click on the menu icon next to your domain (three vertical dots) and select Block. This will move your domain to the “Block” section and will force the HTML5 version to load instead of Flash.


If you want to switch back to the Flash version, simply click on the menu icon again next to the domain and select Allow.

I hope this solves any frustration for my fellow testers out there. If you have any questions about this article or Skvare’s Learning Management System, please Contact Us.

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