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Non-existent URLs in Views 2

Views 2 serves pages with for non-existent URLs instead of presenting a 404 Not Found Error.

A view with page display path set to blog creates a valid link at This will show a list of blog posts, with an individual article at However, an accidental link to will provide content from instead of the expected 404 Not Found Error, since no valid content exists there. This is a usability as well as SEO issue.

Searching discussions on Drupal and Groups.Drupal yielded the right answers. The solution is to edit the view by adding an Argument of Node: Nid. Set it to Display all values, Validator: Node, and Argument type of Node ID. Set Action to take if argument does not validate: Hide view / Page not found (404). Update the Argument and save the view.

Test at for a 404 Not Found Error - so often dreaded, this time desired!

For flexible error pages, take a look at the CustomError module.

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