Skvare adds Business Analyst to Help Ensure Client Success

Every organization has its technology needs and no two are exactly alike. At Skvare, our team recognizes the importance of understanding the unique needs of each client and has created a new, dedicated Business Analyst role to work with business partners on a plan for successful project implementation.

With a diverse background that includes consulting for nonprofit membership organizations; operations management; and nonprofit accounting, compliance, and operational best practices, Sara Raab, who joined Skvare at the beginning of 2019 as a project manager, brings a host of skills to this new position. As Skvare’s Business Analyst, her role acts as an umbrella from project discovery all the way to implementation.

Sara Raab
Sara Raab

“Project Managers are the people who herd the cats,” said Gena Dellett, Skvare’s Chief Operations Officer. “The Business Analyst instead focuses on the end results so that what is built is what was requested and meets the organization's needs.”

Skvare’s team of experts is always looking to cultivate long-term relationships with clients by first getting to know each one’s stakeholders and strategies. It is through those relationships with clients that Skvare is able to make every dollar invested to have the greatest impact on our partner’s goals and outcomes.

By implementing a true agency approach to each project, Skvare’s developers, technical project managers, and business analysts bring together a myriad of skills from diverse backgrounds and cultures to benefit each and every client.

“I like strategizing. I like thinking analytically, and I am fascinated by the way real-world actions and processes map onto technical systems,” Raab said. And “I'm thrilled that I get to spend more time on this than I already do.”

Technology is constantly marching forward, and those changes often lead to organizational process changes that can transform how operations are managed and strategies are executed. Some organizations realized this going into technology upgrades and have process improvements as the main reason for the change.

As Skvare’s Business Analyst, Raab’s will be primarily responsible for working with clients to prepare recommendations and plans for successful project implementation. By understanding our client’s goals and specific needs through deliberate and purposeful evaluation, especially of larger more complex projects, she will help ensure the delivery of solutions that meet every clients' precise needs.

“Since Day 1, Skvare has been implementing integrated systems with robust features and functionality. These systems can be equivalent to fitting together pieces from a complex jigsaw puzzle,” Dellett said. “This is why the business analysis process in Skvare's discovery phases are so critical. The process ensures that the whole picture is being looked at so the impact of changes in one area can be understood within and support the functional needs of another area of the system.”

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