Streamline Donor Management and Engagement with CiviCRM

Nonprofits, associations, and educational organizations require effective donor management and engagement strategies to support their operations, and CiviCRM is a powerful tool to support this goal. CiviCRM is a  feature rich constituent relationship management system specifically designed for nonprofit and civic sector organizations. With CiviCRM, these organizations can efficiently manage their donor data, create reports, and analyze metrics to inform their fundraising and outreach efforts. 

CiviCRM and additional extensions give organizations tools to streamline donor management and engagement processes.

Summary Fields - With CiviCRM's Summary Fields, donor management becomes more efficient by making it easy to search for major donors, recent donors, and lapsed donors, as well as view a synopsis of a donor's history. This extension enhances an organization’s CiviCRM data by creating a tab of fields that summarize donation history based on contributions, membership, or event participation. By converting this information into calculated fields, the data becomes more accessible, making it possible to search using Advanced Search, create smart groups, and use tokens in email and print communications. 

CiviCRM Summary Fields extension

Dashlets - The CiviCRM Dashboard is configurable per user accessing the system. CiviCRM's dashlets offer a place to save reports as widgets on the dashboard, providing quick and easy access to the information that's most relevant. 

CiviCRM Dashlets displaying on Dashboard

Relationship Types - Use CiviCRM's Relationship Types feature to note within the system who is working with a contact. This provides a wayto segment and take action on contacts more effectively.

Adding a new relationship type in CiviCRM

Contact Summary Layout - CiviCRM's Contact Summary Layout extension can be usedto set up custom display layouts for different types of contacts or contacts within different groups. This can help better organize and display key information.

CiviCRM's Contact Layout Editor extension

Relationship Block - The Relationship Block extension works with Contact Summary Layout and provides a method to put key relationships on the Contact Summary screen of a contact record, saving time and clicks.

Custom Activity Types - With CiviCRM's Custom Activity Types feature, new Activity Types can be created with custom data fields for each type. For example, there could be an Activity Type called "Donor Management" and a custom field called "T-shirt > Yes/No". The "T-shirt" custom field could be created in such a way that it only shows on the "Donor Management" Activity Type. The benefit of Activities in CiviCRM is that out-of-the-box it comes with a date field and status field, such as "Scheduled" or "Completed." Based on date, status, and assignee, CiviCRM can be used for task management. A CiviCRM report can be created,and then saved as a Dashlet to appear on the CiviCRM dashboard, that shows all Activities of type "Donor Management" assigned to the user that are scheduled for "this week" of status "Scheduled." Then, users can go one by one to track work, while also creating follow-up Activities for a future date. 

Adding a new Activity Type in CiviCRM

Case Management - A set of standard outreach activities that are automatically triggered based on actions taken can be scheduled using CiviCRM’s Case Management system. This feature can be particularly useful in more complex relationship management and for tracking of foundations or major donors.

Word Replacement - This CiviCRM core feature allows CiviCRM words to be edited to use the organization’s language. For example, an organization that predominately uses CiviCRM for donor management may change "Contributions" to "Donations." This also makes the Case Management feature more compatible to internal operations by change “Case” to “Grant” or “Donor.” This helps there be a better match between CiviCRM and the real-world language of an organization.

Using CiviCRM's word replacement feature to customize the system to an organization's needs

By leveraging these features of CiviCRM, you can streamline your donor management and engagement efforts, saving time and resources while increasing your effectiveness. Contact Skvare today to learn more about how CiviCRM can benefit your organization.


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