Dynamic membership seals for organization websites


NAATP, the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers, offers a multitude of member benefits that supports organizations in becoming successful and profitable addiction treatment leaders. Being a member serves as an authoritative online representation of the mission of NAATP and its affiliates. Treatment centers are proud to be members of the association. To tout their membership and provide consumer confidence, centers are encouraged to display the NAATP member seal on their websites.

The Challenge

In some cases, organizations will need the help of their development team to add the NAATP member seals to their websites. If their membership lapses, NAATP will have to rely on the organization to remove the seal from their website in a timely manner. A better solution is to give NAATP a way to remotely remove the member seal from the organization’s website.

Another challenge was that non-members were able to display the NAATP Member seal by grabbing the .jpeg image online. We wanted to heighten the security around who can display this industry accolade by making the seal link to their active membership listing.  While the image is still able to be pulled, it will not be verified by their listing.

The Solution

To solve the problem, Skvare first created a custom CiviCRM image field on the contact record. This allows admins to upload different member seals for each contact. To render the image URL, a custom token was created to pull the path of the image that was uploaded to the custom image field. With the custom token, the HTML snippets can be used for CiviMail bulk mailings. 

In case the NAATP admins need to provide the code snippet on the fly, rather than creating a group of 1 contact and sending a bulk mailing, the code snippet was stored in another custom field on the contact record. This allows the admins to copy the code snippet and paste the snippet an email to the individual using the actions menu above the contact record.

Member code snippet on CiviCRM contact

The code snippet can also be sent using CiviCRM’s bulk mailing. Skvare created a custom token and inserted it into the mailing template.

CiviMail custom token

Organizations should now have their code snippet delivered via one of the email methods above, but if they lost the email or never received it? The users can self serve by logging into the site and finding the code snippet on their dashboard as well. Eliminating the NAATP staff to follow up on a support request and manually send another email.

Member Seal Code Snippet on dashboard

Now that the organization has the code snippet, they can insert it into their website to generate the member seal.

Member Seal on website

Once the organization’s membership has expired, NAATP can break the member seal image by deleting it from the CiviCRM custom field.


Members often like to tout the affiliation with national associations such as NAATP, however it's important to make sure the members aren’t making false claims. If the organization is no longer a member, they should not be allowed to promote themselves as members of NAATP. Since we cannot force the organizations to remove from their website, or assume they no how to remove it themselves, a remote solution can take pressure off the NAATP staff and reduce their time spent working with the organization to remove the seal.