Leveraging Drupal to Help Clients of Every Size Stay Current

Bookbinding is an ancient practice used for centuries to combine and order written pages and is just one of the crafts practiced by the members of the Guild of Book Workers since 1906. But today, even an organization based on age-old practices needs a modern way of communicating with members and the public. Since 2013, Skvare has partnered with the non-profit organization to host and support the Guild of Book Workers’ website, which offers news, resources, nationwide chapter information, and benefits for members.

Photo of a woman binding a book
Photo credit: Erin Fletcher, herringbonebindery.com

To help keep their website up-to-date with the latest security and features, Skvare recently undertook the process of upgrading the Guild of Book Workers Drupal website making it easier for content managers to build custom pages using Drupal Layout Builder and the most up-to-date Drupal Commerce option.

As a company, Skvare has grown in recent years taking on bigger clients and larger projects, but working with a smaller, volunteer-driven organization is still in the company’s DNA. Skvare was able to leverage the Drupal ecosystem of modules and CiviCRM extensions to produce a modern, full-service website within the Guild’s budget.

The project’s first step was to rebuild from Drupal 7 to Drupal 9. While a challenging task that some agencies shy away from, Skvare has helped many smaller organizations transition ahead of Drupal 7’s end-of-life scheduled for later this year.

Another big piece of the puzzle was the end of support for Ubercart. With no support or development of this once popular tool for online commerce, the Guild of Book Workers needed a solution.

Skvare's team of Drupal experts helped transition the Guild’s online store to Drupal Commerce including coupon and discount codes, checkout, and payment processors using mostly out-of-the-box Drupal solutions.

While Drupal and CiviCRM were the best fit for the Guild of Book Workers, Skvare’s team works with clients of all sizes to identify the right CMS solution for their needs. Learn more about how Skvare’s team of experts helps organizations better deliver on their missions when their technology does more.

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