If you're looking for a customizable online learning management system you can find that in Skvare's Learning Management Suite.

Our Drupal-based Learning Management Suite is a full-featured, Tin Can (eXperience API) compliant learning management system (LMS). This suite of modules provides flexibility to run online education for universities, membership management organizations, large and small businesses. You can easily teach students, train employees or manage member credentials.

The complete, native Drupal solution includes Skvare’s Tin Can compliant Learning Record Store (LRS) module. With it you can easily structure the organization of programs, courses or lessons, as well as display and track a wide variety of learning content including pages, links, files, images, videos, quizzes, surveys, and interactive HTML5 video content.

classroom by teaching and learning with technology penn state
Classroom by TLT Penn State CC BY 2.0

Thanks to Skvare’s special module, courses can be independent of programs or part of programs. Each course can have multiple lessons. Each lesson can contain multiple:

  • Drupal Content sets including pages, external links, and files
  • Vimeo videos (YouTube capability possible)
  • Tin Can API compliant learning packages, such as those produced by Articulate Studio
  • Quiz sets (Drupal Quiz 5.x)
  • Survey sets (Drupal Webforms)

Each type of content is tracked, and learner experience and interaction data is sent to the learning record store.

Course features include:

  • Multiple, orderable lessons
  • Pre-requisites
  • Date-based course access expiration
  • Quiz failure course access expiration
  • Course types
  • Course roster
  • Course user progress tracker for administrators
  • Course outline
  • Course status
  • Transcript
  • Certificates
  • Gradebook
  • CiviCRM Integration

It’s integrated with Drupal Commerce so you can sell online courses.  Other features include:

  • Configurable member/non-member pricing
  • Multiple, configurable credit banks stored either in Drupal or CiviCRM
  • Order expiration
  • Bundle course or program products
  • Easy to use administration

All LMS objects include:

  • Easy to use administration for settings and content editing
  • Tracks current pass and complete status and generates permanent pass and complete records
  • Generates permanent PDF certificates, using configurable settings and templates for each LMS item
  • Optional learning content - optionally require the item to be required to pass the parent item
  • Prerequisites - optionally require the unit to be completed before proceeding to the next
  • Fine-grained access control
  • Outline
  • Status
  • Extendable via Drupal Fields
  • Extendable configuration entities
  • Integration with Views, Display Suite, Rules
  • Custom pass rules via code hooks

Additional Features:

  • Users can add enter and store records and certificates from external sources

Reports include:

  • Course enrollment and payments
  • Course roster
  • Course Rating
  • Daily roster
  • Course Registration Half-life
  • Past year comparison
  • User statistics
  • Quiz attempt statistics
  • Company Registration Summary
  • Create custom reports with Views
cini foudnation library by alex watkins
Cini Foundation Library by Alex Watkins CC BY 2.0

The Skvare Learning Management Suite has been developed leveraging the best features and practices of the Drupal 7 API. The suite uses many common and publicly available Drupal contributed modules.

Until recently, there have been very few open source online learning management system (LMS) solutions available. Proprietary software has been the norm, with LMS's costing on average $250,000 to millions of dollars to get started. Data is stored in closed systems that are difficult or cost-prohibitive to export. Additional customizations are expensive and often only available from the software vendor.

With Skvare's contribution to the open source community, the barrier to entry for an individual or organization to have an online LMS is now a fraction of the traditional cost. Standardized and customized scalable systems can be developed openly with full ownership and privacy controls of the data compared to the proprietary systems of the past.

Skvare’s Drupal-based Learning Management Suite and Tin Can compliant LRS is an alternative to expensive proprietary software or specific open source projects Moodle or Learning Locker. It's designed to bring all your e-learning needs under one umbrella.

We can also provide training and hosting for continued support and guaranteed performance.

Contact us for a demo or to get started.