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CiviCRM Entity 8.x-3.0-beta2 released

Skvare is pleased to announce a beta2 release of CiviCRM Entity 3.0. 

New in this release is support for Drupal 9! If you are considering a new website or upgrading your Drupal 7 site, the time is right to build with Drupal 9. We are building websites with CiviCRM, CiviCRM Entity and Drupal 9 now. 

Contact Skvare to get consultation, creative Drupal integration and development for your CiviCRM installation, and additional features for CiviCRM Entity.

CiviCRM Entity is the module which provides enhanced integration with Drupal, allowing developers, site builders, and content creators to utilize powerful Drupal modules including Views, Layout Builder, Media, and Rules. Drupal fields can be added to CiviCRM entity types. It provides Drupal pages and edit forms for all CiviCRM data such as contacts, allowing usage of familiar Drupal content creation tools and workflows. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. The screenshot below is the Drupal page for a CiviCRM contact.  The majority of the data is in the CiviCRM database, changes made on the CiviCRM contact summary page are immediately reflected there. It is built using Drupal’s Layout Builder, Media, and Views, without custom code except the theme styling.

CiviCRM Entity Drupal contact display

Skvare is dedicated to superior Drupal integration. Want to learn more? 

Unleashing CiviCRM Entity for Drupal 8

Learn to build interactive Leaflet maps with CiviCRM Entity

Graphical contribution reports with CiviCRM Entity and Views

Updates in the beta2 release

This release includes several bug fixes and improvements. There are no backward incompatible changes in this release. 

  • Drupal 9 compatibility updates (luke.stewart. stesi561, puresyntax71) 
  • Ability to uninstall CiviCRM Entity without deleting CiviCRM data (puresyntax71)
  • Support Field groups on Drupal versions of view pages (puresyntax71)
  • Update field metadata on Drupal cache clear  to remove field mismatch warnings from Drupal status pages (puresyntax71)
  • Support custom fields with multiple checkboxes widget on Drupal version of edit forms (puresyntax71)
  • Adding computed field, Activity End Date (mglaman)
  • Improved CiviCRM API based validation on entity save (mglaman)
  • Adding State/Province ISO field formatter (puresyntax71)
  • Adding integration for CiviCRM Mailing and CiviCRM Mailing Job entity types (puresyntax71)
  • Adding integration for CiviCRM Group Contact entity type (prolydian)
  • Including Views relationship connecting Contacts with Groups (puresyntax71)
  • Adding Views Relationships from events to Price Sets (puresyntax71)
  • Fixes and improvements for the Views Proximity filter (puresyntax71)
  • Add replacement patterns in the CiviCRM Leaflet Views format (olivierh65)
  • Views integration updates for CiviCase (puresyntax71)
    • Views field for Case Attachments
    • Views Relationships connecting Cases and Contacts
    • Views Relationships connecting Cases and Activities
    • Support Views Case details field rendering HTML
  • Adding integration for Case Type entity type (puresyntax71)
  • Bug fixes for CiviCRM participant properties on Drupal edit form and Views integration (puresyntax71)
  • Contact Sub Type Views contextual filter default value plugin (rellis)
  • Improved support for CiviCRM multi-lingual in Views (GValFr35, puresyntax71)
  • Improved support for Tag events with Drupal Rules (puresyntax71)
  • composer.json fixes (MikeyMJCO, puresyntax71)

Big thanks to all those who contributed to this release

  • Arnold French (puresyntax71), Developer, Skvare
  • Mark Hanna (jackrabbithanna), Architect, Skvare
  • Matt Glaman (mglaman), sponsored by SemperIT
  • Rob Ellis (rellis) , Sponsored by SemperIT
  • MikeyMJCO
  • GValFr35
  • luke.stewart
  • stesi561
  • olivierh65
  • prolydian

Primary development occurs at the github repo.

PRs for fixes and improvements welcome there!

Make an issue in the queue for support or feature requests.

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