Keep CiviCRM Clean and Fast with Skvare's New Manage Group Extension

Skvare is excited to announce the release of a new CiviCRM extension - Manage Group. This extension was developed to make group management easier and more efficient for CiviCRM users.

As a feature-rich CRM system, CiviCRM allows organizations to group contacts together in various ways, including basic and smart groups. However, outdated and unused groups can have a significant performance impact on the system, which can ultimately hinder an organization's productivity.

Regular maintenance and monitoring of CiviCRM is just as important as spring cleaning a home. With Skvare's Manage Group extension, CiviCRM users can now automate the disabling or deleting of groups based on a user-set date. This ensures that only active and useful groups remain in the system, resulting in a clean and fast CRM system.

Our Manage Group extension offers the following features:

  • Provides a quick link to view a list of the groups associated mailings in the manage group section.
  • Ability to set a date for auto-disabling/deleting groups
  • Option to choose between disabling or deleting groups
CiviCRM new Manage Group extension to make group clean up and management easier


Screenshot showing the manage group section of CiviCRM with "associated mailings" text circled.

For organizations that have large teams working in CiviCRM, group proliferation can become a real challenge. With multiple team members creating groups (smart and basic) for various purposes, it's easy for groups to be created but then never used or only used for a single temporary purpose. This can result in a cluttered and confusing system where it's unclear what groups are actually needed. This extensions is especially beneficial for these organizations as it automates the process of identifying and removing outdated and unused groups. This saves team members time and effort while ensuring that the system remains organized and easy to navigate.

To get started with the Manage Group extension, visit Skvare's Github repository.

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