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Join us from 12-1pm CDT / 5-6pm GMT on April 14th to find out how to do more with CiviCRM data and Drupal content. Registration confirmation will include a Zoom event link.

Training Overview:

The CiviCRM Entity module provides enhanced integration with Drupal, allowing developers, site builders, and content creators to utilize powerful Drupal modules including Views, Layout Builder, Media, and Rules. Drupal fields can be added to CiviCRM entity types. It provides Drupal pages and edit forms for all CiviCRM data such as contacts, allowing usage of familiar Drupal content creation tools and workflows.

During this training we'll cover:

  • Entity view modes
  • Using Drupal fields and form displays
  • Drupal-based view & edit pages for CiviCRM data
  • Entity Reference and Inline Entity Form
  • Entity browser
  • Entity Embed
  • Layout Builder

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