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Get Drush command line support for CiviCRM

Using Drush with Drupal is standard practice for most developers, but since CiviCRM support was removed, many find themselves having to switch between separate command-line tools for each environment. Seeing a need for continued Drush support in CiviCRM, Skvare’s developers released the CiviCRM Drush module for Drupal 8 and Drupal 9. Just as with Drupal, this module allows developers to support CiviCRM through a single command-line tool and continue previously established workflows. Once installed and configured, the CiviCRM Drush module supports many commonly used commands: civicrm:api (cvapi) CLI access to ...
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Register for events, buy products in combined cart through Drupal Commerce

Skvare’s team of expert developers not only embraces the open source communities of Drupal and CiviCRM but also strives to give back through contributions whenever possible. They don’t just use the tools; they make the tools better. An example of making tools better is the Commerce CiviCRM Event Registration module. Combining the power of Drupal Commerce with the flexibility of CiviEvent, Commerce CiviCRM Event Registration lets website managers build a storefront that includes both events and merchandise. In the example above, a website offers classes and books through its commerce ...
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Using Drupal Commerce for CiviCRM event registration

Pushing the envelope of Drupal 9 and CiviCRM integration is an integral part of the team at Skvare and a key component in problem-solving for clients. With an opportunity to find a way to register multiple people to multiple events at the same time, with shopping cart functionality, our experts published the Commerce CiviCRM Event Registration Drupal 9 module combining a host of new integrations with CiviCRM. Drupal Commerce is a versatile suite of modules that is very configurable and offers a high-quality user experience. CiviCRM Entity provides deep integration ...
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