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Gushing over Drush

One of the best Drupal modules yet - Drush. Actually it's not a traditional module - it's a command line toolset. In other words, if you enjoyed UNIX, DOS, or BASIC (working without GUI), this is for you. If you have no idea what the above means, stop now. The video below shows installation of views, context, token, cck, and drush module manager. Final times: Manual Method: 2:38:75, Drush Method: 1:17:57. Multiply those savings by 20-30 modules and weekly updates. This will be the first tool I will have in ...
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Multisite Drush

The Drush enjoyment doesn't stop with single site installations. To ensure typo-free commands in multi-site environments, I have set up additional aliases in .bashrc. alias drush1='/home/account/drush/drush -l' alias drush2='/home/account/drush/drush -l' This allows for a command like drush1 status or drush1 update to quickly work on the first web site, while drush2 update automagically knows to only update modules on the second web site. Add aliases as desired!
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