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Peer-to-peer Fundraising

While the traditional tools of development such as donor cultivation, grant writing and galas occupy most of the fundraising space at institutions of higher learning, there’s a growing space for online peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns that are showing a great deal of promise. Peer-to-peer (P2P) fundraising capitalizes on your supporter’s networks to raise money on your behalf.

Drupal Has Become an Automation Management System

If you're a Drupal developer, user or fan, you should be reading the blog of Drupal's founder, Dries Buytaert. If you haven't subscribed, do so, because the future direction of Drupal is being documented and discussed there. Filling out the State of Drupal 2016 Survey this week caused me to reflect on my perception of Drupal and some experiences that I've had recently. I'd like to share these with the community in hopes of stimulating discussion while the vision and strategy for Drupal 8.x and Drupal 9 are being discussed. I may have missed a blog article or two, but I think what Drupal is has

Setting up CiviVolunteer

When it comes to CiviVolunteer, it is not exactly obvious how to use it. There is obviously "The Guide" but it doesn't really tell all the details on how to get around things, and unless you are a very experienced user who knows CiviCRM by heart with eyes, closed you might spend quite some time on figuring out where to click, what to enable and what not. There are several questions to ask yourself before you start working with CiviVolunteer: Will my event be a one time thing? Do I want to create my event both for paying participants and volunteers at once? Do I want to manage volunteers myself


We have four presentations this week - two advanced topics and two community discussions. Hope you'll join us at a few of these sessions! Skvare is proud to be a Gold Sponsor of CiviCon Colorado 2016 and an Empowering Sponsor and Founding Contributor Sponsor for CiviCRM.

Enter Today for a Chance to Win a Ticket to CiviCon Colorado!

CiviCon Colorado Ticket Giveaway Skvare is Gold Sponsor of the CiviCon 2016 in Fort Collins, CO and we are giving gave away one complimentary registration to the conference on June 2­-3, 2016 ($229 value). Sprint and training days, lodging, food and transportation not included. Thank you to all who participated! Please head on over to our registration page to sign up see who won.

Find us at Drupaldelphia 2016 on April 8

We're looking forward to Drupaldelphia 2016 this Friday. Jeremy Proffitt, Senior Developer at Skvare, will be on hand for the annual Drupal camp in the City of Brotherly Love. The all-day conference will be at the Pennsylvania Convention Center at 1101 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA, 19107. If you'd like to talk to Jeremy about nonprofit and business solutions built with CiviCRM and Drupal, you can find him attending these sessions, or catch up with him on Twitter.

Drupal Tin Can LRS Features

Tin Can Statements, Agents, Activities, Agent and Activity Profiles are Drupal entity types Multiple LMS support via Drupal User Permissions LMS can react to user learning interactions with Rules Native reporting with Views Integrates with the Services Module Setup Multiple Endpoints

CiviDay Dallas

Skvare organized CiviDay in Dallas again this year. There were 12 attendees of varying backgrounds, from new users or those considering a CRM to experienced CiviCRM developers. Thanks to Improving for providing the meeting space! Mark Hanna shared a general overview of CiviCRM with the group, and Allen Shaw presented information on an extension that provides an auto-complete lookup field for Employer/Employee contact relationships. We’re looking forward to sharing more insights into CiviCRM at TexasCamp, a state-wide open source conference on April 1-2, 2016. Check out the Dallas / Fort Worth

Announcing the Line Item Report Extension

Imagine that you’ve created your event in CiviCRM and have built an exceptionally brilliant price set. Your participants have all the choices they need, special timed options manage themselves, and the registrations are rolling in. Now it comes time to see what everyone’s choices are. How do you do that? What report can I use to see a list of participants and all their choices together? We initially answered this question for one of our clients by building a custom report. It laid out each participant with the important identifying info, price set choices in their own columns. With customized