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Relationship Advice: How to get more from your technology partner

We had the privilege of presenting at the DrupalGov Con in 2020 on "Relationship Advice: How to get more from your technology partner." Drupal technology consultants abound with great sales pitches and flashy websites. But, what happens after the contract is signed? Watch the recording to find out how to vet potential partners and get the most out of your relationship before and after the ink has dried. Find out how to avoid surprises, control your budget, ask hard (and potentially awkward) questions, and hold yourself and others accountable. Expect more and get more from your technology to

Accessibility Best Practices

We teamed up with Techsoup and the NetSquared North Texas Meetup Group to present 10 Common Accessibility Issues. We explained what accessibility is related to your online presence and how to identify potential issues. We also reviewed the most common accessibility issues. You may not be able to address all the issues on every part of your website at once but addressing the most critical web accessibility issues can go a long way. We shared ideas on how to prioritize these repairs so organizations can create plan for ongoing monitoring and maintenance. Download the presentation slides >>

Getting the most out of CiviCRM Entity 3.0

Ready to take your Drupal 8 (or Drupal 9!) website to the next level with CiviCRM? Then you need the CiviCRM Entity Drupal module. We're pleased to have released version 3.0 earlier this year. Now, it's time for you to learn everything that it can do. Join us for part or all of our upcoming "Using CiviCRM Entity" training series. Part 1: The Basics Wednesday, March 24th, 12-1pm CDT / 5-6pm GMT What is a Drupal entity CE = CiviCRM + Entity How to install CiviCRM Entity THe why and the what of integration possibilities Overview of CiviCRM Entity features Introduction to CiviCRM Entity and Views

Is Your Technology Really Working? Best Practices for Tech Audits

We teamed up with Techsoup and the NetSquared North Texas Meetup Group to present Is Your Technology Really Working? Best Practices for Tech Audits. Download the slides>> Resources to Get Started: Risk Analysis Template Tech Impact: research, insights, & assessment tools Tech4Good Denver - Technology Roadmapping Workshop Build Consulting: Technology Roadmap

How Nonprofits Can Take Advantage of the Internet of Things

We teamed up with Techsoup to present in a global training on 5 Tech4Good Trends for Nonprofits in 2021. During the session, we shared creating ways nonprofits are incorporating the many "smart" tools that fill our lives into their missions. From using IoT data to share impact with donors to increasing the reach of emergency service programming, everyday objects are transforming how nonprofits deliver on their missions. Getting started is not as hard as you think. Download the presentation slides >> Additional Resources to Get Started 2019 Research: Consumers International and the Internet

Lessons from Going Virtual with Volunteers, Events, and Learning

We teamed up with Techsoup and the NetSquared North Texas Meetup Group to present Lessons from Going Virtual with Volunteers, Events, and Learning. “Adaptation” is a fitting word for 2020 as organizations adjusted how they engaged, communicated, took action, stayed organized… and showed up for work. During this sessions we facilated a discussion of lessons learned from this necessary experimentation. We also compared notes on what practices are worth keeping and what we're excited to scrap.

Google Analytics: Measuring What Matters

We teamed up with Techsoup and the NetSquared North Texas Meetup Group to present Google Analytics: Measuring What Matters. Google Analytics is a free web analytics program for your site that takes less than 30 minutes to install. In roughly the same time it takes to watch an episode of your favorite sitcom, you can be learning the what, where, how, and when of the activities on your site. (The "why" is up to you.) Here's what we covered in the training: What Google Analytics is How Google Analytics works Key terms How you can use these learnings to move the needle of your organization forward

Skvare 2021 Update - Looking Back & Looking Ahead

We have a lot of gratitude at Skvare. Gratitude to our diverse clients. Gratitude to our exceptional and committed team. Gratitude for being able to solve problems and contribute better tools to the vast community of which we are a part. Since we don’t reach out often, we thought we’d take the relative newness of 2021 as an opportunity to share what we have been up to, and what we’re looking forward to in the year ahead. A Solid Team After adding numerous full-time team members in 2019, we added two more in 2020, expanding our Developer and DevOps teams. I’m inspired daily by everyone’s

Cybersecurity for Nonprofits

We teamed up with Techsoup and the NetSquared North Texas Meetup Group to present Cybersecurity for Nonprofits. The adage says, "You can't have privacy without security, but you can have security without privacy." What does that really mean, and how can you proactively address both for your organization? With privacy scandals and data breaches grabbing headlines daily, even the smallest organizations must take responsibility for lawful custodianship and protection of personal information. In this training we covered the key elements of privacy and security programs. Cybersecurity for

CiviCRM Entity 8.x-3.0-beta2 released

Skvare is pleased to announce a beta2 release of CiviCRM Entity 3.0. New in this release is support for Drupal 9! If you are considering a new website or upgrading your Drupal 7 site, the time is right to build with Drupal 9. We are building websites with CiviCRM, CiviCRM Entity and Drupal 9 now. Contact Skvare to get consultation, creative Drupal integration and development for your CiviCRM installation, and additional features for CiviCRM Entity. CiviCRM Entity is the module which provides enhanced integration with Drupal, allowing developers, site builders, and content creators to utilize