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Keep CiviCRM Clean and Fast with Skvare's New Manage Group Extension

Skvare is excited to announce the release of a new CiviCRM extension - Manage Group. This extension was developed to make group management easier and more efficient for CiviCRM users. As a feature-rich CRM system, CiviCRM allows organizations to group contacts together in various ways, including basic and smart groups. However, outdated and unused groups can have a significant performance impact on the system, which can ultimately hinder an organization's productivity. Regular maintenance and monitoring of CiviCRM is just as important as spring cleaning a home. With Skvare's Manage Group

Streamline Donor Management and Engagement with CiviCRM

Nonprofits, associations, and educational organizations require effective donor management and engagement strategies to support their operations, and CiviCRM is a powerful tool to support this goal. CiviCRM is a feature rich constituent relationship management system specifically designed for nonprofit and civic sector organizations. With CiviCRM, these organizations can efficiently manage their donor data, create reports, and analyze metrics to inform their fundraising and outreach efforts. CiviCRM and additional extensions give organizations tools to streamline donor management and

Choosing the Right Project Management Methodology for Your Web Development Agency

When working on a project, you should consider the project management methodology that is best for the type of project you are planning. Project Management Methodology is a set of guidelines to plan and accomplish defined goals of a project. The two most popular schools of thought are Waterfall and Agile. The waterfall method has been around since 1970. It’s what clients typically expect when they are working with a project manager. It’s a linear approach. Agile methodologies were formally launched in 2001 and some have considered it to be the “best way to approach a project.” However, there

Making Links Easier to Follow

Links are a critical component of any website. They allow users to navigate to different sections of the website or even to external pages to consume content, network with other users, make online purchases, and do many other activities. Without links, a website would be a single page. Given their importance, it is a wonder that so much thought goes into a URL but so little into a “Read More” link. Many users rely on context clues to understand a link’s destination. A headline followed by teaser text and a read more link likely goes to the complete article, but for users with visual

Why Drupal

Drupal is a free and open-source content management system used by nearly 1 out of every 5 of the top 10,000 websites worldwide.

Skvare partnership with The Leapfrog Group helping to improve patient safety

The Leapfrog Group, a national watchdog organization of employers and other purchasers focused on health care safety and quality, recently launched the Leapfrog Judie Burrows Education Institute to help educate patients about hospital safety in their area. Skvare has been Leapfrog's technology partner since 2018, supporting the organization's Drupal, CiviCRM, and LimeSurvey systems. Through this relationship, Skvare is proud to provide the technical support needed to not only gather data from hundreds of medical providers across the county but also help implement ways to disseminate that

Skvare adds Business Analyst to Help Ensure Client Success

Every organization has its technology needs and no two are exactly alike. At Skvare, our team recognizes the importance of understanding the unique needs of each client and has created a new, dedicated Business Analyst role to work with business partners on a plan for successful project implementation. With a diverse background that includes consulting for nonprofit membership organizations; operations management; and nonprofit accounting, compliance, and operational best practices, Sara Raab, who joined Skvare at the beginning of 2019 as a project manager, brings a host of skills to this new

Get Drush command line support for CiviCRM

Using Drush with Drupal is standard practice for most developers, but since CiviCRM support was removed, many find themselves having to switch between separate command-line tools for each environment. Seeing a need for continued Drush support in CiviCRM, Skvare’s developers released the CiviCRM Drush module for Drupal 8 and Drupal 9. Just as with Drupal, this module allows developers to support CiviCRM through a single command-line tool and continue previously established workflows. Once installed and configured, the CiviCRM Drush module supports many commonly used commands: civicrm:api (cvapi

Register for events, buy products in combined cart through Drupal Commerce

Skvare’s team of expert developers not only embraces the open source communities of Drupal and CiviCRM but also strives to give back through contributions whenever possible. They don’t just use the tools; they make the tools better. An example of making tools better is the Commerce CiviCRM Event Registration module. Combining the power of Drupal Commerce with the flexibility of CiviEvent, Commerce CiviCRM Event Registration lets website managers build a storefront that includes both events and merchandise. In the example above, a website offers classes and books through its commerce store

Customize CiviEvent with the Event Registration Button Label Extension

No two events are alike. From conferences to performances, the need for event registration is as different as the activities. That’s why Skvare’s expert developers have contributed the Event Registration Button Label extension for CiviCRM. This extension does what it says. Like the Contribution Page Button Label extension for button labels on a contribution page, the new Registration Button Label extension allows CiviCRM administrators to edit button labels on event registration pages and more. With the Registration Button Label extension installed and enabled in CiviCRM, a new set of options